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web-development-flatVital Effect, whose services originated in 1997, is a leading company for website design & new media development. Their professional creative team offers extensive experience to help drive you to success.

Their goal is to successfully help you define, build and expand your online presence. A strong focus on the rural market brings specialized professional services to the areas that big city firms neglect. You will find that they are as friendly as your favourite neighbour, and truly focus on the solutions you need.

Vital Effect’s specific services include website design & development, content management, web & email hosting and Internet applications; as well as new media, search engine marketing, and e-commerce solutions. They also compliment those services by pointing you in the right direction for design services such as logos, business cards, posters, flyers, post cards, brochures and other marketing materials.

Vital Effect is a New Media company that provides a variety of online services from web design to search engine optimization and advanced web application development. The products and services provided by Vital Effect reflect the needs and concerns of our community and the businesses and organizations in it. Likewise, the staff is actively involved in the community; volunteering and participating in meaningful community building activities throughout the year.

With an ever increasing list of delighted clients, Vital Effect is growing with the success they bring to each of their clients. The company has now settled into a cutting-edge office, located in the Gemini Centre in west-end Camrose. The high standards of customer service and their unflinching work ethic are very evident in every meeting and project they are involved in.

Each of the team members at Vital Effect have been formally trained or have years of experience to enhance their specializations and bring your projects the success you desire.

Vital Effect’s highly experienced and creative team is dedicated to giving you the best possible solution for your needs. Their attention to detail, ability to listen to what you need together with the commitment to deliver, has resulted in delighted customers.

The team is diverse in their backgrounds, with a mix training including front-end development, back-end development, customer relations, and marketing strategies. This large pool of knowledge combines to produce well-rounded projects that will look great, function well, and produce results.

Beautiful isn't he?

Jason Hiese
President & CEO

Jason brings to the company his experience in finance, accounting and marketing. Jason believes in working towards a common solution with the company’s clients. He achieves this by taking into consideration the clients’ needs, priorities and expectations, and ensuring that the company provides quality products and services that best suit their needs. Jason can be seen around the City of Camrose volunteering his time in many community clubs and organizations.

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Ivan Nesdoly

Ivan Nesdoly
VP, Sales & Client Relations

Ivan provides Vital Effect with years of sales, marketing and advertising experience. He heads up all of our sales efforts and has major input into all of our advertising and marketing projects. Ivan enjoys working with our clients and is continually involved in educational pursuits in order to better himself, and to better meet the needs of our clients. Ivan’s outgoing and caring demeanor can be seen throughout his continuous community involvement.


Roxanne Nesdoly

Roxanne Nesdoly
Billing & Client Relations

Roxanne will greet you with a friendly hello when you call and assist you with any billing needs you may have. Roxanne has many years of bookkeeping and administration experience in both the private business and non-profit sectors. Her organizational skills help hold our office together. Roxanne is always helping where ever she can and keeping us on track. She enjoys family time and cheering on the Riders.

Alex Dobson

Alex Dobson
Developer & Programming

Alex studied Computing Science at University of Alberta where he obtained his Bachelor of Science with Distinction. He brings his programming knowledge and do-it-right work ethic to the team, making sure every project is working perfectly before it is launched. Alex a huge believer of the saying that “Code is Poetry”, and always strives to make code as readable as it is functional. He is always excited to tackle a new challenge and figure out its solution.


Evan Ahlberg

Evan Ahlberg
Developer & Programming

Evan studied Computing Science at University of Alberta where he earned his Bachelor of Science. Evan is a team player who is approachable and easy to get along with. Making sure the client gets what they requested is one of his top priorities, along with making sure the project is done in a timely manner. When he isn’t working on creating solutions for our clients, Evan enjoys computer gaming and golf. He once got paid to play video games a long time ago…


Camrose Academy of Dance
Century Meadows Baptist Church
Village of Craven
Alberta Synod
Dee Jay Plumbing
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran
Village of Hughenden
Western Canadian Containment
Village of Sedley
Town of Vermilion
Town of Tofield
Tim Green Hockey
B&D Simons Trucking
R.M. of McKillop #220
Camrose Performing Arts Centre
Town of Lashburn
Wetaskiwin Chamber
Village of Lang
Town of Kipling
Town of Grimshaw
Town of Radville
Town of Spiritwood
Growing Rural Tourism
Village of Debden
Town of Whitewood
Hoedown Equipment
Town of Strasbourg
Camrose Police

Vital Effect offers a wide variety of solutions for the success of your business, everything from custom build Websites, to online applications. The first step in any project is to determine what type of solution is the right solution for your business. While we offer a variety of different products and services, all of them include a Content Management System, and Custom Design and Development. Everything will be built to specifically fit your needs.

This section will teach you more about the solutions Vital Effect can provide to your business. There is a solution for every business of every size and budget, we just need to find which one is right for you.

All our projects are made by following a set of guiding principles.  These principles are:


Your website should be found easily when people search for words closely relating to your website. Search engine optimization is key to bringing traffic to your website.


Consumers expect to find information quickly. An easy to navigate website guides visitors to relevant information quickly. This ensures a positive website experience for visitors, making them likely to visit again.


People search the internet for information and expect a website to be informative and current. All links and information must be accurate and up to date to keep visitors’ interest.


Your successful website must load within seconds. Slow-loading web pages often make people frustrated, disappointed and may lead to non-returning customers.


A website with quality optimized graphics and professional layout creates a sophisticated image for your business. A consistent look-and-feel will help people feel “at home” throughout all your website’s pages.


Features Found in all Solutions

Website Content Management System
A Website Content Management System makes it possible for you to work with your website, at any time, at any place, without difficulties. It is a very powerful tool for your business.

Benefits of a Content Management System include:

  • Easy – Anyone in your organization can update and add content.
  • Fast – Changes are instant.
  • Extendable – Features can be added as you need them.
  • Control – you have full control of your website. You can modify your content whenever you want.
  • File Management – you can make files and images accessible to your customers, such as PDFs, Word documents, etc.


Our Firewall and security measures ensure your solution stays safe.

Our brand new servers provide fast loading times for your solution.

We have guaranteed 99% up time so your clients can always find you.

Real people – real support. Contact one of our staff with your questions.


Custom Design & Development
Professional and creative website design and development is available, tailored to your specific needs. Vital Effect will work directly with you throughout your project. The design and the functionality of your solution will be custom made to look and function the way you want it to. We take pride in our ability to make our clients ideas become reality.


Website Solutions

Large Scale Website Solutions
More advanced websites, such as large E-Commerce solutions, Large Database applications, or API’s. We have created projects that range from Sports Camps to College Registrations. With custom made solutions your application will be one of a kind, tailored to your specific needs.


Medium Scale Website Solutions
This type of website allows for more interaction for your visitors. Features such as polls, forums, events calendars, and shopping carts take your business to a new level in terms of customer interaction. We make them easy-to-use, both for the visitors and for your business.


Small Scale Website Solutions
The most common way to get started is a “brochure site”. This is a 2 – 5 page web site where the main purpose is to display contact information and show off your business with a few pictures.  This type of website is quite affordable for any small business, will enhance your reputation with existing customers and help attract new customers to you.


Questions to keep in mind:

  • Is there room for growth – how costly will it be to add on features? 
  • How will your website be found?
  • Do I need to update my website myself?


Web-Based Applications

Web-Based Applications
Web-based applications don’t require you to download anything and upgrades affect everyone, instantly.

Web-based applications are a type of program you use on the internet. Gmail, Facebook, and eBay are excellent examples of web-based applications.

How Do You Benefit?

Think of all the time your business wastes downloading and re-downloading software on every single computer. Web-based applications don’t require you to download anything and upgrades affect everyone, instantly.

Furthmore, web-based applications are designed with the same principles as a regular website. So, if you can use a website then you can use a web-based application.

Examples of Applications include:

  • Point of Sale systems
  • Schedulers
  • Inventory Control Systems
  • Customer Relations
  • Booking systems
  • Calendars

But, it doesn’t end there. Web-based applications, like websites, are customizable to any task, any problem. We understand that your business can have very unique problems and you’ll be happy to know that we can make very unique solutions.


Web/Email Hosting

Vital Effect also offers both web and email hosting. If you already have a site, but are looking for somewhere closer to home to host everything, we have flexible solutions available.

Email Hosting
Our email hosting includes free monthly support, 99% guaranteed up time and 24/7 network monitoring. You can choose from 5 different sizes of mailbox to suit the needs of your business. Our email is also extremely easy to setup with iPhone, Android, Mac Mail, and Outlook.

Web Hosting
Our flexible web hosting can offer a cheap hosting plan for those who know how to manage their own website. Our hosting plan includes lots of space for your website and files. Full FTP-Access is included so that you can manage every aspect of your website, or just use the server for cloud storage. Our hosting plans also include regular backups, 99% guaranteed up time, and 24/7 network monitoring.


Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization

You’ve just finished entering a phrase in Google and after sifting through numerous pages you are faced with the harsh reality that your website cannot even be found in the top 200, let alone the top 20 search results.

How Will Your Website be Found?
There are many factors that determine your listings on search engines. Make no mistake, successful website marketing is no easy task, and doing it right requires skills most web designers do not have. Today’s search engines are smarter than ever and any attempt to trick them can result in complete banning.

Just some of the steps we take to improve your ranking in searches are:

  1. Provide Incoming Links to your website
  2. Improve your content
  3. Add your website to directories

We’re located at #2030 6708 48th Avenue in beautiful Camrose, Alberta. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 780.679.1400 or contact us via email below.

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