Security Vulnerability Patched


Vital Effect is posting this notification to inform our clients of a newly identified security vulnerability called glibc: getaddrinfo stack-based buffer overflow (great name right?!) that may affect affect some of our web solutions which run on RedHat Enterprise 6.x (glibc 2.12).

Luckily we have already found a patch for the vulnerability and have patched our server accordingly as of February 19th, 2016. The security vulnerability will no longer pose a threat to our server or your web solutions. To read more about this security vulnerability and it’s patch please visit our Knowledge Base article on the subject.

Continued Support

We like to thank all our clients for continuing to work with us at Vital Effect and that the security and reliability of your web solution is important to us. If you need assistance, or if your website does not respond after 5 minutes, please do not hesitate to contact us on our support line – (780) 679 1400.

Thank you!