Search Engine Marketing/Optimization

You’ve just finished entering a phrase in Google and after sifting through numerous pages you are faced with the harsh reality that your website cannot even be found in the top 200, let alone the top 20 search results.

How Will Your Website be Found?
There are many factors that determine your listings on search engines. Make no mistake – successful website marketing is no easy task and doing it right requires skills most web designers do not have. Today’s search engines are smarter than ever and any attempt to trick them can result in complete banning.

The single biggest key to obtaining high search engine rankings today is to provide quality content that is easy for the search engines to find. Just some of the steps we take to improve your ranking in searches are:

  1. Focus on content first – great content will be discovered
  2. Ensure your site is easy to use, navigate, and understand both for users and for search engines
  3. Modern design and development will ensure your site is indexed with ease

We always keep in mind that usability and user experience are extremely important influences for search engine rankings. They provide an indirect but measurable benefit to a site’s external popularity, which the search engine will then interpret as a signal of higher quality. The higher quality your site, the better you will rank. This is why we take a content-oriented approach to our website marketing strategies.

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